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ALKOTA’S portable industrial space heaters offer immediate circulation of heated air whenever or wherever temporary or emergency heat is required. These units are designed to run on kerosene or diesel fuel. They require very little power, only needing to be plugged into any standard and grounded 110 volt outlet. They feature large fuel tanks, stainless steel combustion chambers, and possess the power needed for any job.


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R UMAX Power Look 2000 V1.7

Model 160

BTU Rating: 160,000

Fuel Capacity: 15 Gallons

Fuel Hours: 14 Hours

Fan/CFM: 465

Electricity: 115V,1PH

HP: 1/7 HP

Weight: 195 LBS.

Dimensions: 40″ X 37″ X 20″



Model 210

BTU Rating: 210,000

Fuel Capacity: 15 Gallons

Fuel Hours: 9 Hours

Fan/CFM: 1930

Electricity: 115V,1PH

HP: 1/3 HP

Weight: 250 LBS.

Dimensions: 47″ X 42″ X 21″



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