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There are three categories of products to remove pollution from water: oil/solid coalescing, evaporators and media filtration.

The Alkota Coalescing Plate Oil-Water Separator removes free oil and solids from water and produces discharge with less than 10mg/L of oil droplets larger than 20 microns.

Our evaporators cut down your costs by evaporating the water from your waste stream at up to 30 gallons per hour, leaving only a sludge for disposal.

Alkota’s affordable, easily maintained media filtration water recycling systems are designed for use with high pressure washers and steam cleaners. You get high quality water for reuse in your pressure cleaners or for safe discharge to your city’s sewer system.

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Some Models We Offer Are:

MEDIA FILTRATION:alkota-media-filtration-units


Coalescing system: C-8 (5 GPM)
Treatment Tank: 200 Gallons
Voltage: 115V / 1PH / Fuse – 20 AMP
Size: Vertical: L-73 1/4″ X W-51 1/4″ X H-87″
        Horizontal: L-100 3/4″ X W-51 1/4″ X H-55 3/4″
Weight: 1,066 LBS.



Coalescing system: C-12 (10 GPM)Alkota_Model_CSF1_72dpi
Treatment Tank: 450 Gallons
Voltage: 115V / 1PH / Fuse – 20 AMP
Size: L-121″ X W-50″ X H-63″
Weight: 850 LBS.



Coalescing system: C-24 (20 GPM)assets-images-waste-20water-csf2-20sandfiltration-20rgb-20sm-250x250
Treatment Tank: 900 Gallons
Voltage: 230V / 1PH / Fuse – 20 AMP
Size: L-186″ X W-48″ X H-88 1/2″
Weight: 1,900 LBS.




All Models:

120V/20 AMP With 35FT. Power Cord
Oil Skimmer
Size: L-84″ X W-38″ X H-68″
Weight: 1370 LBS.



480 Gallons Per DayAlkota_Model_30_evaporator_72dpi
250,000 BTU



720 Gallons Per Day
400,000 BTU



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